Savage Appears

Yikes! They keep coming out, and I’m very happy about that. Will just need to give some more stories final edits to keep the production line going.

Savage came out earlier but I hadn’t boasted so thought I better do that now.


Take a Peek

Someone I’ve worked with and admire has a new book out (by the same publisher) so I’m going to wave it about a bit to get some attention. I hope.

Dragon Creed is about the boy Farquarte struggling with being a destitute orphan, and his answer is to become a dragon!

Shadow News is Talking

Recondite Publications is now running a serious of posts where imagined interviews take place to reveal what is going on in the world of Sojourners In Shadow. It should provide extra insight into characters, groups and races in a more fun form than my long, winding blog posts. 😉

The first one is here: