Nuisance Phone Calls Aren’t Just a Nuisance

So one of those PPI phone call bastards threatened my mum with the police today. No joke.

Basically she answered the phone to have someone ask for my dad. She said he wasn’t there and could she take a message. She’s nice and polite like that. The man said no. It was for my dad alone. She then asked what it was about. He told her she wasn’t allowed to know. Mum pointed out that the man the caller wanted was her husband. “So?” came the reply.

My mum’s very nice but she gets tetchy and once there, she gets into super tetchy very quickly. I get that from her. So this man’s abrupt tone annoyed her so she demanded to know what company this caller represented.

“Don’t you understand?” he snapped.
“No, I don’t,” Mum replied.
“Well you will when the cops come round in 24 hours.”
He repeated the line, then hung up.

Mum admitted she was close to tears by then. She wrote down the conversation instantly and the number. That’s how we know it is PPI. They’ve called a few times and each time been told not to call back.

When she told me all this, I laughed at how outrageous the cops threat was, because it was an absurd thing to say. Mum said she knew it, yet she still felt agitated. But I’m fuming about the whole thing. I’ve been urging her to post it on her own FB and let people share it around. She doesn’t want that but is going to complain to OFCOM tomorrow (of what use that will be, I’m unsure). So I’m bitching for her.

What really makes me mad is that I’m looking up things to do about this, and most of the info is pretty pathetic. You can complain to regulators, or the company itself, but not much seems to get done. There’s little normal people can really do to get these shitty phone calls stopped, let alone punish the companies.

We had another phone call later. It was another unwanted call. I answered, told the caller to fuck off, hung up. That’s what I’m doing from now on. No more tolerance. No more trying to explain things to these pricks. They can all shit off. Don’t care what it is. Maybe they’ll get the hint. If not, I just hope no one around here puts a swear jar up.


The Great War on Youtube

Just recently came across this and thought it was more than worth showing off. A very admirable work – both in terms of the amount of effort it will take to do this over four years and for the intent of relaying important history.

Here’s the first one, where the triggering event took place:

Worthy of Being Passed Around

View story at

Read this today and feel that the more who read it, the better. It is a very well written piece, by a man, about rape culture and why it is a problem for all men. Have to admit, I am one of those men who thinks it is a bit over the top to brand men in general in such a bad way, yet his explanation is very rational and reasonable. I find myself strongly agreeing.

I will add that I understand the fear of being out and about a bit myself. I was attacked as a kid by an older kid – no idea who or why – and it rattled me badly. Didn’t want to go out for a long time. I was never an outgoing child but I do think that has had a lasting effect on me. I do feel highly aware of being out among people, even now.

At the same time, I’m a grown man who lumbers down the street in big boots and I know more than a few women have seen me coming and given me a wary look. I don’t blame them. At all. I enjoy being out in the dark too. I do avoid people, especially groups of people, if I can and have had a number of moments where I grow tense as I pass someone, but again, this won’t be at the same level of women. It gives me an insight but does not put me on an equal level.

So please read this post and see what you think. Personally, I found it enlightening.

Why I Prefer to Write in the Third Person

This was a guest post I wrote early last year. My dearly missed friend Janrae suddenly realised I had to write some by the next day and kicked me into gear. I spouted out some nonsense. Feel it might just be worth putting up here:

I think I just love looking over the world and characters I created. I think I like feeling like God, to be honest. I love to have that overreaching view of everything, to see all views, to see all plots and plans and intents and decisions. I think I also like to be impartial. Yes, some of my characters will appeal to me more than others, but I don’t want to play favourites. I also don’t like being pinned down to one view only. I don’t want to think like just one character or see the world through their eyes only.

Most of all, though, I write third person because so many of the books I have read were written that way. It became something I never even thought about for a long time. I read fantasy books where the POV would vary so often. I read science fiction where you had to see the universe from multiple positions in order to understand it.

David Gemmell was a big influence on me as a reader and a writer. I loved his books, especially his characters. He wrote third person and I loved how I could see the good and the bad in everyone because I saw through so many eyes. The hero could be a killer to someone they were talking to while judging that person as a coward because they didn’t fight back. In a conversation you were treated to both individuals being judged, and those judgements would reflect on the one doing so as much as the one they beheld. I loved that and love to do the same.

I hope I’m not getting snobbish about first person but it has never appealed to me. Perhaps because it reminds me of writing stories as a kid and only doing them in first person. It feels simplistic. When I was a child, I was unable to put my mind into different personalities and understand them all at the same time. I could barely do it with one character. I think most of the time the ‘I’ in the story then was just me or a version of me.

I love to write stories because I want to reach out into the weird and wonderful, things I don’t see around me and likely never will. That’s why my main loves are fantasy, scifi and horror. I want to do unbelievable things in an unbelievable world. Not just once either. So for me, to write from many views gives me free rein in the worlds I create. I can be both hero and villain, conquerer and freedom fighter, creator and destroyer. I want to show as much of the world as I can as well. I created this damn thing, I want to show every view possible.

Never to be Forgotten…

If I had my way, this would be shown in school. It would be on tv. On the radio. I would have people made to listen to this, to provoke them, make them realise not only the power of the words but how they remain relevant to this day.
Chaplin got into trouble for this. That should not be forgotten either. People liked Hitler. They agreed with him. They felt he had a point. They also didn’t want to get involved.
People in power were silent while a silent actor spoke out. He was right. He still is.

Never give yourself to machine-men, with their machine-minds and machine-hearts. Never give yourself to the brutes who lie and discard you.
We can make this world a great adventure.

Will you support the day of action against Atos?

I fully support this action. Voices need to be heard. They need to be loud and constant for that to happen.

Vox Political


Ordinary people around the UK will gather outside centres where Atos administers its work capability assessments on benefit claimants next month – to demand an end to the system that is continuing to cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people across the country.

They will gather at 144 of the locations used by Atos to carry out the discredited assessments, under a contract written by the Department for Work and Pensions, on February 19.

It is known that 10,600 ESA/Incapacity Benefit claimants died within six weeks of their claim ending after Atos assessments between January and November 2011, although the DWP seems unwilling to divulge the percentage of those claims that ended because claimants were found fit for work by ATOS. Currently roughly one in four ‘fit for work’ decisions by ATOS is overturned at tribunal.

In July 2013, ATOS whistleblower Greg Wood lifted the lid on the toxic…

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