Christmas on a Sunday

So I have gotten well behind on posts and posting due to the build up to Christmas. That and time consuming/wasting acts, but the build up to Christmas is a busy time for us all so things go by fast. Can’t believe it is next week. I need to write more Sojourners in Shadow posts to have ready, and I plan to start mixing in character bios for the series, like the ones I was posting last year for my book, the Silent Slayer. I plan to get a lot more going for Sojourners in Shadow and start putting the short stories out there, with help from my former publisher. Still, Christmas comes first.

But I have to say, as much as things have been busy, I’m really looking forward to this week. I still have things to do, but the worst is behind me and I know I’ll be finishing work and other things with time to spare. In the past, I’ve been preparing for Christmas up until the day itself sometimes. You don’t get time to appreciate what’s coming. Christmas can just show up and then you’re done, if you’re not careful.

So while this has been busy, having a week to head for the day itself really helps. I love the fact Christmas is on Sunday. It gives us the entire week to get there. Having it in the middle of the week can leave it feeling very rushed and sudden. If it happens at the start of the week, then it has this off-kilter feel, as you have a special kind of weekend right after the normal one. We may get that this year as we have bank holidays filling in for the holiday weekend, and yet Christmas being on Sunday just fits right. It feels like a perfect fit.

My mother and I were discussing it recently and it surprised us how many holidays have a fixed day. Easter and Mothering Sunday. Thanksgiving, for the Americans. There were some others I’m too tired to think of right now. But it left us wondering why Christmas can’t have a set date. I know, it’s the 25th and has been for centuries, and yet that’s a day the early Christians took up from a pagan festival. It’s isn’t a sacred day as such. Christmas could be the last Sunday of the year. I think most of us live by the named day of the week a lot more than we do by dates.

Maybe that’s just me. Maybe fixing a day over a date would be too much for too many. I can see the problems. But this year, I really appreciate that Christmas is happening when it is, to give us a week to ease into it, and maybe a week to ease back out.


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