Christmas Mayhem



I was going to follow up my pirates blog post with another following up on it by running through some notable pirate captains. Maybe next week.

Basically, this last week has been hectic yet fun. Horrible fun sometimes. Essentially my wife suddenly became intent on getting all Christmas shopping done now. I mean NOW. Not next week. Not in December. Not even before December. No, NOWWWWW.

As someone who hates shopping and travel, this was hell for me, and especially as things kept going wrong and we often didn’t get anywhere until later than planned. At least twice, maybe thrice I suggested we didn’t go that day and wait, but no. NOW.

Yet after it all, I can say I’m relieved we have done 99% of the Christmas shopping. We even have some presents wrapped. I still think we could have done it all via a gradual process of smaller incursions rather than one bludgeon charge, but there we go. The missus is happy and that’s what counts.

But it was something I’m glad we did too. I live near a market town called Chippenham and the city of Bath. The first we went to just planning on shopping and ended up watching Torvil and Dean turn on the Christmas lights. So that was nice. The main street was packed like I’ve never seen before. I’ll never walk up it again with dozens of people around and consider it busy.

Speaking of packed, Bath was churning with people. The buses were the same. Only just managed to get a seat on the ride there, but going back – due to the trains being out – it wasn’t just standing room only. We were almost wedged in. The whole thing fogged up, which made it difficult to spot the right stop. We ended up getting off a lot earlier than usual, but both of us wanted out of that jam jar on wheels. Not even going to mention the lights going out. Okay, so I just did.

But Bath, while so busy it made Chippenham the night before seem spacious, was great to visit as usual. We saw the small stalls and the tree and lights. These two events I’ve never been to before but have heard of, so, thanks to my wife’s insistence, we got to experience them. I STILL maintain we could have done them in a more easier way, especially picking a day less busy for Bath, and yet, hey, it’s all in the past now, and I have a tale to tell.

While I hate shopping and look forward to a lot less busy week, I am glad we went and saw these things. I’m glad we got to share them. As my mum would say, it’s one of those times you get to be sat there some other time, at peace, and chirp “oooh, remember that time we did that thing!” This Christmas, as we had out presents, we have a history to go behind many of the items, which I’m sure we’ll bore the receivers with more than once.

I don’t really care for dates and calendar events. I live for experiences and genuine change in life. This week has had plenty of those. So, while I should post about pirate captains from a fictional world I’m still building, here is a bunch of me going “ooohhh, what a time we had!”

And here’s some pictures of Bath:




2 comments on “Christmas Mayhem

  1. chubbysmom says:

    Looks like a fun time…I hope you guys had a great holiday. Thanks for stopping by my post : P

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