Understanding Magic

Part Two: Types and Names of Magic-Users

To sum up what was covered in part one, magic is something very real, very meaningful, and it is used in different ways. To most people there is magic and those who use it, hence the name. When people started calling magic, well, magic, there was a strong reluctance among the users to take up a name humans would know. Wizards and sorcery was too steeped in fantasy literature to be taken seriously. Witches had its own burden. Many localities had their own names, but over time everyone simply said magic-user – a simple, functional title. Yet there are types of magic-users and they have their own names, so we’ll go through that now.

First of all, there are three general types. These are casters, manipulators and attuned. Casters hurl and project magic, wielding it as they will. Manipulators are more about control, with focus and intent, as they move and alter things. The attuned are those who are highly, well, attuned to magic. For them, magic is like a sixth sense, and they can feel it, and with it, and also see and hear with it sometimes. Attuned do less, sense more, but obviously there are crossovers among these kinds, with attuned being the most rare.

The more specialised groups are sometimes dictated by nature, sometimes by the user’s choices and training. For instance, enchanters are manipulators who specialise in empowering objects and weapons. People, too, if skilled enough. Then there are battle-casters, who are obviously casters, but focused in casting magic that will attack or defend in combat. Usually these are trained to be so, but sometimes a person could be such a natural warrior that their magic acts on this, as if lashing out with fist or blade. Illusionists are manipulators who cast as well, who conjure images and trick senses. Deemi and wraiths have natural abilities in this area. Wielders are casters with some level of manipulation, who can channel their power through their weapon or use a magical weapon with great command and control. Of course, if someone is deemed a master, then there is something of all three about them. The strongest can manipulate and cast, all while feeling the magic forces around them, such as devil-beasts, aegis and sphinx, if aegis and devil-beasts cast a lot more in their aggression.

There are more labels but to move on to more specific groupings, we have to understand these titles are often less used, and sometimes only known in a certain area. For instance, shamen is a term used mainly in Asia, but known in other places. It refers to those who are attuned, who tend to be more mystical, more subtle, and very attuned to each other. Some may call these seers, especially if their power helps them perceive more than most. A term that is known more world-wide but is an older name that not so many use is witch. This would be an attuned, but would also be someone with heightened mental abilities, such as visions, telekinesis, etc. Male or female, this very rare type scared most others, even other magic-users, so they often suffered the same fate as those accused of being witches in the past. Another type that is widely feared are those most powerful manipulators who are also attuned, and can control minds, if not outright steal them. Some will call them controllers, others pupper-masters, or use old names referring to voodoo and hoodoo. Fortunately, this type is extremely rare, not least as the mental strength and focus needed is extraordinary.

Some build, some destroy. Some conjure, some deceive. Whether they have names or belong to groups isn’t the issue. They use magic. They have power others fear or want. If they are strong, they can use that fear. If not, they will hide and evade, and in both these cases their magic could be tied into their behaviour. Many will use their power. They have become rulers, even gods, and yet also some will be there to help their community as best they can.

Magic may never be truly understand. It is a gift to some, a curse to others. It responds in different ways to different people. Perhaps it is not meant to be understood. But there will always be those seeking to know its secrets. More will delve too deeply. Many more will continue to wield it as best they can. Those of strong will and trained minds will burn brightly among the rest. What this will lead to is unknown, but there is one fact still to be mentioned – that magic, like any good weapon, will not be set aside by anyone who can grasp it.


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