Mutants: A New Type of Humanity

Mutants are mutated humans. It is as simple as that, or at least it should be. They have become their own people. They bear a lasting resentment towards humanity because it was them who designed and moulded the mutants in order to serve them. Not only were the mutants a slave race at the start, but they were born with limitations such as much shorter life spans, and the many cloning methods meant there is often a lack of detail in their physical features, even now. Those born from science were given advantages and yet made less than human, and it was only through acts of violence that they took their independence from their creators. Although, it has to be pointed out, many mutants were not made, at least not via test tubes and growth pods. Others were transformed from humans into disfigured people due to radiation and pollution. These are mutants too, and they resent what the humans of the past did that brought their kind about. It can be suggested they lack the sheer hatred the created types have, or maybe they are less aggressive because they weren’t forged for combat. Either way, all of those humans who were changed, altered and warped are now classified as mutants. But they are far from one simple race.

A quick but important point that needs to be made is the main difference between those mutants created by science and those simply altered by environmental damage. Basically, there is a level of disdain among those made to be better than humans for those who are deemed lesser than them. Mutants who tower over others, are stronger, tougher, healthier, will accept that those humanoids with twisted limbs and misshapen torsos are mutants too, but never that they are equals. Mutts is the name often given to the natural mutants. Sometimes a term used in a casual dismissive tone, sometimes a vile insult. It is a word those mutants resent and rightfully so. Whatever the advantages the superior mutants have, the mutts are the larger number, and they need to be united if they ever wish to take full vengeance upon humanity.

There are a number of types of mutants. The most common, as mentioned, are mutts. Then there are the super-soldiers, the generic-looking improved fighters for a war that won’t end. The aquatics are mutants too, if they deem themselves their own race and keep to the sea.

Then there are lesser but important types. Morphoids are fairly rare, a brilliant creation that can change shape into the likeness of others they encounter. The Bestials are animalstic beings, made in the experimental processes of bringing about a superior and deadly hybrid. That hyrbid are Hounds, which look far more human but clearly still canine in nature. Serpentines are a similar breed, with flexible forms, but found in more than one place.

Goons are a form of mutant made to be slaves and nothing else, and are not far from that still, with squat, sturdy bodies and obedient natures. Thals are much larger than other mutants, bearing four arms, and of much lower intelligence yet with savage intent. Finally there are the Ultras, superior to super-soldiers, their location a guarded secret.

To go into this in a little more detail, we have to break the super-soldiers into groups too. Most are simply tall, grim looking and solidly framed beings who have a fierce and ready to fight nature, who don’t think on too many levels, who heal fast and hit hard. But among this breed there were developed variations to try and make better super-soldiers, except they never replaced the standard model.

One thing they wanted was to make some capable of thinking more intelligently, especially in terms of tactics. These are deemed commander types. Then some they made as slimmed down versions, with quicker reflexes and agility. These are commando types. There have been attempts to cross-breed these two in the past, for obvious reasons. Then some have been made to be broader and more solid, as well as stronger. These are grapplers. Then we have berserkers, who are usually physically the same as standard types but made highly aggressive, if not outright ferocious. This final type is the most rare, as often it backfired on all concerned.

Another quick point that has to be made here is that for all the careful planning and scientific methods of bringing these mutants into being, natural procreation among themselves, and among others too, has meant there are plenty of exceptions to the rules. Especially in terms of behaviour.

To return to the other and more different types of mutants, I can quickly say that the aquatics have their own entry on the blog. That’s how different in nature and community they are.

Speaking of this, I’m sure these types will get their own entries in due time as well. For now, we can cover some basics to help generate a fuller picture of the world according to mutants.

As I hinted before, Hounds are only in one place, a vast, thick forest area in Western Europe. Here they live in a valley, ruled by Bestials. This is not a happy relationship and the latter live in fear of the more ferocious, more deadly creatures turning on them. Hounds, as said previously, are the end product – strong and fast, agile and with acute senses, as well as incredible claws that can cut metal. The Bestials broke free of the labs that had made them, but they are mostly misshapen monstrosities, and even dwell in the dark most of the time. They were failed experiments and missteps along the way to the Hounds. They fear humans, they manipulate the Hounds to keep the forest their domain, but their grip is slipping.

When it comes to the Thals, they are focused in the Crimea area. They are basically Neanderthal beings, usually armed with crude blunt weapons, fighting each other more than anyone outside their territory. That has changed recently. They have become more organised, better armed, yet remain violent and aggressive. Groups nearby are keeping an eye out for a potentially devastating advance.

Mutants can be found in many places, often in their own groupings for safety. Some are in Africa, others in the Baltic region, and many are in parts of the former USA, warring with humans from base to base. But there are large concentrations of them. Not far from the Bestials and the Hounds, in the area of Normandy, is a large community of mutants. This is a very varied and integrated society, with many being warriors or hunters or adventurers, and they often go around Europe, selling their skills. In Eastern Europe are many mutts, living underground for the most part, oppressed by the humans and their helicopters from the Carpathian Mountains. Again, not far from them, is the mutant army that lays siege to Eden. Stretching from their base at Constantinople to Eden itself, the soldiers run things, while many villages and towns of mutts contribute as best they can. A long way off is Trade Island, and outside it is a mutant nation, led by a mutt president in name and commanded by the military in truth.

That brings us to the Ultras again. It is presumed they are in one place, but none can say for sure. For many mutants, the Ultras aren’t even known by this name. They are the servants of Gilgamesh, their god. They believe he will arise and claim the world; his servants are active but waiting for him. While this isn’t the exact truth, the Ultras are looking and waiting. It must be mentioned, however, that the reason the Ultras went into hiding is because other mutants feared them and betrayed them to human attackers. Ultras aren’t just improved fighters or weird alterations. They are stronger and faster, true, but they were made to think, to improve, to progress, and to live long. They are humanity’s replacement. As such, perhaps they want the other mutants on their side, but perhaps they won’t be needed. Maybe they view themselves as separately as some mutants do from others. For all its differences, mutants are still humans at heart, carrying the same prejudices and suspicions. It is a major reason why they remain as scattered and struggling as everyone else.


This short features mutants both lesser and much improved:


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