Machines: As Diverse as Their Creators: Part Two

Part Two: Unique Types

When people talk of machines they usually refer to droids and computers, or perhaps cyborgs, seeing as those are the most numerous of the machine types, yet there are much more. There were various groups and some individuals who were intent on making whatever they could once laws and morality were set aside. Some worked for governments in underground bunkers, others worked for their own ends. Whatever the cause, they are long gone, but their creations continue to cause havoc wherever they go. They are works of incredible scientific wonder. Brilliant as well as terrifying.

For instance, doom-rollers are war-machines designed to eradicate any life in a given sector. They are well armoured and covered in weaponry, with renewable energy sources and refined detection equipment. They were perfect for what they were created for, and so when those who controlled them fled or were destroyed, these machines continued their pursuit of any life in order to destroy it. Fortunately, there are not many left. Unfortunately, those few are a threat to homes and bases everywhere.

Zomboids are counted as machines, but are an abomination among all kinds. An attempt to make robots with human minds, they are instead mad, rending people apart and wearing their skin in some desperate, twisted attempt to become the living themselves. Again, they are few, but extremely erratic and dangerous.

Far worse to worry about are Hell-Raisers. Possibly the worst kind of machine to encounter, especially if you are a machine yourself. They are war-droids, impressive at nearly 7 foot tall, with brutal weapons and thick armour. They were made to overpower and crush opposition. But something made them worse. A corruption occurred in their programming. Rather than be the usual efficient and ruthless killing machines, Hell-Raisers are infamous for smashing down and blowing up anything they can, regardless of what it is or who. They kill for no reason, booming out noise to intimidate enemies, all by now heavily scarred from decades of aggression. They are even known to tear their own apart when badly damaged in order to repair or better themselves. No one knows if this warped programming was an accident or done deliberately by a human, perhaps one also insane. But the Hell-Raisers’s madness can be passed on. They act like raging brutes, yet their demented anger can infect other machines, and from there everything can go to hell.

The cyber samurai are a myth to many, a legend passed around, yet they are real. They are machines searching for their masters. Nothing else will do. Those who are not their masters are of no interest to them. Those who would oppose them in any way are destroyed. Machines are normally metal forms, powerful yet rigid to a degree. The cyber samurai are androids, fluid and flexible, yet strong and skilled also. Each wields two katanas, which are not only much stronger and sharper than ordinary blades, but can be energised to unleash arcs of light that cut through most objects. While these creations clearly originated in Japan, they have been sighted in many places around the world, and continue to travel. Only once they have found their creators will they stop. Or if someone can summon the power needed to end them.

As previously stated, most of the more unique types of machine are rare, or else the devastation visited upon the world would be far worse. Still, the entire species is deemed a potent threat to all other life, and one that cannot be dissuaded from its course. At least, so most leaders among humans, mutants and monsters would claim. Machines do have weaknesses, though. Viruses are an obvious weapon. EMP bombs were manufactured long ago to fight the machine armies and worked superbly, although they are rare today. A basic threat is water. Machines are near always designed to operate on land, so the risk of a short circuit due to water is a high one. Not that the sea would have much to offer them either.

No, machines are here to conquer the land. They seek bases of technology and gatherings of enemies. They aim to remove all threats, which means all other life must go. They can be bargained with, yet a deep suspicion of all things machine means few living beings trust them to keep to their deals. Machines know this. Which means they can’t trust the other races. The result is inevitable. Everyone will seek to destroy each other until one powerful force remains. With their ability to reproduce, with their endurance and logic, with their coherent focus, the machines see no reason why they cannot be that remaining force. Even then, which super-computer or unique machine leading its army will be the one to stand alone? No machine has been able to figure that one out. Yet.


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