Weapons of Renown: Part Two

Scientific Weapons of Renown:

Grinder – a single-bladed axe that has four edges of diamond teeth, buzzing alternatively along it. It tears its way through armour and has taken many lives. It is the weapon, and always has been, of Antipater, the foremost general of the Order of the Hybrid Complex. He is a loyal servant of Prime, its leader, and this weapon was made for him as he led armies across the world. An old, intelligent and fierce leader, he is seen as Prime’s right hand, and rightly so.

Flammard – a longsword with a wavey blade that can emit intense heat, which enables it to cut metal with ease. It also distorts vision, with the air around it shimmering. This formidable sword is the possession of Duke, an important commander among the Order of Symbiotic Harmony. Not only is he an admirable tactician, but he enjoys single combat, so had this made. For him, when the Author wishes him to act, he seeks the surest and simplest way to victory and cuts his way through.

Augustus Shotgun – known as Guses, this is a larger than usual shotgun used by humans to kill super-soldiers. It fires special shells, with a solid stock needed to brace when firing. Because of its size and power, the humans picked to use these have to be bigger than average. A fair bit bigger. This weapon is a new invention among the humans who reside in bases within the region once known as Texas. If it proves its worth, it may be spread further afield. Humans need every advantage they can get.

Bolt Pistols – a large, sleek automatic pistol that usually requires two hands and fires eleven powerful shots. This weapon is favoured by commandos and specialist soldiers, even more so by super-soldiers (when it is even bigger) for being a deadly, accurate and controlled weapon, yet capable of firing a sudden and full burst. The fact it is mainly used by super-soldiers now is ironic as it is very good at killing them, even a human version. With more power and focus, even the improved forms of these mutants can do little to stop the shots. It is also excellent against droids.

Mega Tommy Gun – this weapon is everywhere in Trade Island. Essentially it is a superior version of the infamous Thompson submachine gun, once used so well in wars, but also iconic in its role in gang warefare. This new version is bigger and more powerful, and also deliberately louder. It is meant to clear a room, or force everyone to cover as a warning. Easy to make, cheap to buy, it has become a favourite amongst gangs and mercenaries throughout the city. Sometimes they are known as Tommy Twos. Inelegant and ferocious, they are perfect for unskilled fighters in close quarters.

Weaponry of Eden – this human sanctuary has withstood assaults for centuries, and while those within praise God and faith for this, it is also to do with their technology. It is much more advanced than those in the rest of the world, so their soldiers who defend the dome are much better equipped. For one, they can generate force-fields about themselves, impenetrable to anything. A much larger version sits around their home. They also have vehicles that hover over the barren land, as well as cherubim – small, flying robots that scan for mutants and eliminate dangers. A telling sign of the power the soldiers of Eden possess is the energy they emit. The mutant combatants all know that the energy produced by Eden’s weapons is a pure, bright white, unlike anything they’ve seen elsewhere. This energy rips through their hordes whenever they attack. That’s why they keep attacking, for fear one day the superior weapons of Eden will be used to reclaim the world for the human race.

Obliterate – a robot that is essentially a mobile weapon, ready to respond on command. This machine is the bodyguard of Leopold, head of the current top ranked gang in Trade Island. Before he rose to this position, Leopold was a business negotiator and had helped the machine nation to the north with dealings within the city, acting as both representative and advisor. For this, he was rewarded with Obliterate. The robot says little, mainly its own name, and responds to commands from Leopold alone. While only one of its kind, Obliterate has enough firepower to level buildings, and in a packed city, this is too much of a risk for anyone to provoke either owner or weapon. Leopold’s gang has fought in the streets to earn top rank, but few will strike at Leopold himself. It is widely believed that, even if such an act succeeded, Obliterate is programmed to go on a killing spree. No one is ready for that. Yet.


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