Weapons of Renown

Owning a weapon is important in surviving this world. Being able to use it with deadly skill is vital. Yet for many, they want more. Weaponry can be improved on so that it ranks above the norm. It can also be fashioned into something unique. Many use magic to do this. Others science. This is a role call of weapons that stand out, many of which have names and a past. To own one is to fear less and be able to take more. People would kill to own one. Many already have.

Magical weapons of renown:

No-Daichi – there are actually a number of these, although no one knows how many. In the early times after the Shadow World arrived, with magic and monsters running wild, a range of large Japanese swords were crafted. Magic was used to make them not only super sharp, but also unbreakable and able to even deflect magic attacks. Owning one of these would make a skilled warrior near unstoppable.

Tempest Fan – this unique item is also most likely from Japan, but nobody knows for sure. It is claimed to be a cursed weapon too. While it has incredible power to manipulate the air, creating blasts or slices of wind, it is claimed it drains all joy from the user. It makes the wielder light and so faster too, but some think it has claimed the life, maybe even the soul, of previous owners. For now, the infamous quartermaster and pirate, Amadeus, has it and his clinical and ruthless nature intimidates people throughout the Mediterranean.

Atlas Staff – this is claimed to have originated in Great Britain, but for now its whereabouts is unknown. This staff – a simple looking wooden staff with metal caps on each end – makes the one who holds it resilient to an incredible degree. Tales speak of beings withstanding boulders and magical barrages without harm. At the same time, it is claimed to be light in the hand of the one wielding it, while simultaneously feeling heavy and solid by anyone struck by it.

Giant Breaker – this is a highly unusual weapon, because it was one the skull and spine of an infamous warlord. Lord Ogre was a very large human who terrorised many across Great Britain long ago, until he met his end, defeated in single combat by a devil-beast. In retribution, this monster ripped out his backbone, and the skull with it, and then worked on this magically for some time. A mace was forged, long in haft, round and solid at the end. Yet this trophy was even worse than that. The devil-beast managed to bind the spirit of Lord Ogre to his remains, so whoever holds this weapon can communicate with him. At first Lord Ogre had to endure being the powerful aide to the one who defeated him. Later, he ended up being used by others, one after another, as they all strove to conquer. This weapon was powerful indeed, shattering shields and bones with ease, and even able to create small quakes on impacting the ground. With good reason it came to have the name, Giant Breaker. Now, it has ended up in the big hands of Bruin, an outlaw roaming the island, snarling at the cruel and arrogant voice only he can hear.

Devil’s Death – this pike is wanted and dreaded for a single reason: is was forged to kill devil-beasts. This long and thick weapon was carefully crafted to slice through magical defences and power, and then through the muscle and sinew of one of the largest monsters around. Some claim it even has specific magic bound to it to seek out the weaknesses of such creatures. With this, killing a devil-beast becomes a lot easier, as much as combating one of them could ever be called so. Who made it and why are unknown, as is its whereabouts. Many want it, especially other devil-beasts.

Sunfire Sabre – a sabre made in China, which can wield heat and light and even fire. Highly difficult and risky to master, it promises to make the one who clasps it near unfaceable to most enemies. It is thought to be an attempt by humans to imitate the fire sword used by aegis. If so, it has not fallen that short, according to some stories. It isn’t entirely sure where it is right now, yet it hasn’t gone far. With the amount of humans moving about in that region, it is very likely it will not be long before it is revealed to the world again.

Oni Tekkan – a simple yet strong iron club. Specifically, it would be called a tetsubo by the Japanese who made it. It is claimed it can smash anything, withstand anything, and has been used to defeat brutes, vandals and even a devil-beast. It may have been made in Japan, maybe not, as it has mostly been used in Australasia. It was lost a number of years ago by followers of magic while on a mission in the more wild lands towards the centre. Either it has been lost, or a monster or human bandit has it, which can only mean trouble for those in their way.

Guard Gauntlets – these are specially crafted and magically charged gauntlets worn on the left hand only. They were worn by the elite guard of Morrigan, an aegis who ruled Great Britain decades ago. She was a strong warrior, leader and magic-user, and expected her elite to be her enforcers as well as her protectors. So these gauntlets were forged and refined to enhance their power. Not only were they a vital aid in combat, but they became a badge. To see an aegis wearing one was to know this individual served Morrigan, and she did not tolerate any trespassers or transgressors. These made the wearers feared and respected, but since her fall and death, anyone wearing one is hated, and therefore hunted.


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