Tormergard, the champion in the making

So after a bit of a delay, I finally get to post the last of the character biographies for my book, the Silent Slayer.

As they say, last but certainly not least:

Tormergard is the hero of his own story. Most would tell him that heroes don’t exist, that life isn’t a story and doesn’t work like one. Tormergard is not someone to be dissuaded. He knows he is a hero in the making. Life is his story. He is going to become someone great, someone famous, and someone adored. Heroes always win. They get the girl. They do the right thing and reap the reward. Tormergard intends to achieve all of these. A lot.

His home is Galan, otherwise known as the Galan Mountains. A secure realm with strong people and a society built upon solid family units. Here people see the best in things, therefore the stories they tell reflect this. In most places tales are grim, even macabre. For instance, the myth of Drem is often one of ruthless terror and uneasy mystery. In many places he is portrayed as inhuman. In Galan, they hear stories of the Silent Slayer as a more heroic figure, one who is fascinating rather than unsettling, who slays the wrongdoer and never the innocent. They even talk of romance.

Tormergard was raised on such tales. He sees the world as one of heroes and villains, champions and ruffians, the good and the bad. No one good ever harms a woman. No one good ever steals just to stay alive. No one truly good would ever do something bad. Unless, of course, it was to do good. Therefore he can justify his own actions as both warrior and killer. He would never kill the helpless, obviously. He follows the code of the hero. But Tormergard’s physical prowess means he was born to fight and he loves to do so. In his mind, if people start a conflict, anything that happens to them – anything at all – is on them. No hero ever has to justify his actions. A hero can kill a hundred villains and never be seen as a maniac. They all had it coming. Evil must be opposed.

Others might think Tormergard is either insane or stupid, or even both, to not only view the world this way but believe himself an unstoppable warrior who will right all wrongs. Everyone can be killed. Anyone can be stopped. Life has proven this to people all around the world throughout history. However, nothing has been proven to Tormergard, and until it is – if it ever is – then he will continue on his path. He is a handsome giant with a fearless enthusiasm and talent for mayhem that means life rarely makes him stumble, let alone fall flat on his face. He bundles through with a grin and a cheer. So far, it has been so good. Perhaps that may not last, but few would ever try telling him this.

He is a lover. He loves life, applause, praise, fame, glory, action and women. He loves women as often as he can. This is all part of the lifestyle of the hero. He accepts it, because who wouldn’t love him? If you need a friend, he is there for you. If you need saving, he can rescue you from any danger. If you need loving, he can love a worthy woman all night. Longer if she can take it. Tormergard boasts, but it has to be admitted, few who encounter him would deny the truth underlying his claims.

When people hear of him, they are in disbelief. Many who encounter him are bemused, some amused. He can seem innocent to the point of stupid. Boastful to the edge of arrogant. But those who look close, who take time to consider, see that Tormergard is a force to be reckoned with. His cheerful naivety and simplified world view cannot undo what talent and physique have granted to him. He has wild ambition burning in his heart, but he remains a kind champion, one who wants to help and will never shirk from doing so.

Tormergard is a champion entering a criminal world. In many ways he is not ready for it, and yet at the same time, the criminals are far from ready for him. He may yet become the hero he dreams of being. If he can stay alive, that is.


Elatia, the hateful sadist

Elatia hates. She hates the person next to her. She hates the man eyeing her up. She hates the pretty girl flirting with him. She hates the child running carelessly across the tavern. She hates the dog that doesn’t shut up. She hates the owner who lets it. She hates the man with the knife who thinks he can take anyone in the room. She hates the boastful tracker who assumes no one can match his skills. She hates the weak old woman for living too long. She hates the snivelling merchant desperate to sell his wares. She hates the wife nagging her poor husband so he’ll buy her something, and she hates the husband for giving in.

Weak people. Worthless people. Useless people. Cowards and hypocrites and liars. All of them.

What makes it worse is that some among them will imagine her to be weak as well. As a woman, she must be the more afraid, the more cautious. She is attractive too (something she is very aware of) and so some will be thinking of her. They want her, or want to be her.

People underestimate her. People desire her. People think they can prey on her. People think they can outwit her. People think many things, and, because they are all witless idiots, they are very wrong.

Elatia is of slender build but she is stronger than she looks. She is highly adept with her hunting knife and could gut most fighters with ease, and she always relishes the look of surprised horror on their faces as she does. She is attractive but she is the one who preys on others, and any attractive woman around her could soon find that out, as long as they were untouched. She is smarter than anyone she has ever met. She is clever, quick to think, quick to act. A honed hunter from a land of natural hunters. She is an expert shot with her bow and a ruthless fighter if needed. No, no one threatens Elatia.

Some may think she fears men because of her hatred of them. No, that is not the case at all. She loves to get very close to them when she tortures them. She loves to gloat in her power over a man as he bleeds and sobs. Elatia fears nothing, at least she tells herself this. But she has little reason to. She is infamous as hunter, killer and torturer, as well as deflowerer of young girls. Her name is now loathed. This makes her smile, and never in a pleasant way.

Elatia hates and does so openly. She snarls and scowls at all around her. She treats everyone with contempt. Part of this is to present a strong defence, to ward off others, but this is also who she is. She hates. She hates because she can. She can insult bigger men because she knows they fear her, or they will act and she will hurt them. A lot.

Coming from Bamalia, a nation of equality, Elatia was granted every opportunity to better herself. She took them all. But she took in order to hunt others. She wanted to ruin people. She hated them all. Any man who desires her deserves torture. Any fighter who takes her on has earned death. Any girl yet to know sexual appreciation will learn it from her or else.

Elatia knows elation, the root of her name, but only in the suffering of others. She will work as part of the elite, even take orders from Bane, in order to get well paid and revel in the plunder of people and fame. Even among this group, she rates as one of the most deadly, and she is very proud of that. She hates them all, maybe she will hunt them some day and see how strong they really are. Until then, she will excel among them, as only she can.