Camet, once an officer, never a gentleman

Camet is a solider through and through, trained and educated to be one, carrying out his duty for years. He is also a shameless criminal. He performed his duty to his country, Amlia, as best he could, a capable officer, albeit an average swordsman. But his main intent while in the army was to reap as many rewards as possible. He did. He got caught and so now lives among the criminals, and it took little adjustment for him to adapt to his new community. He had already committed acts of theft, murder and deceit while in the army. As a criminal, he now gets to flaunt his full range of skills.

Camet is amoral, sly, ruthless and without a shred of honour or decency. These are things for the nobles of Amla to concern themselves with. He knows he is among his true kind now – a criminal and a damn good one. He knows how to trade slaves, smuggle precious gems and how to undermine authority. He knows the mindset and routines of many militias. He can watch a patrol and tell you how well those men will fight, or if they will take a bribe. He met many types of people while in Amlia’s army, and has met many more since. He knows people. He can catch a thief or aid one in entering a secure building. He has many abilities and tricks up his sleeve. He needs them.

Being good at a job has its benefits, and it also pays not to be too threatening. Others like Bane or Elatia or Drem carry a personal reputation that makes others want them yet fear having anything to do with them. Camet is more amiable. He just wants his pay, also to make anything he can on the side, and to walk away from the mess. He isn’t interested in professional pride or revenge. He isn’t an intimidating killer. He just knows how to make things work. He has enough contacts among nobles and gang-lords and merchants to get things done. He can be a very useful tool in a number of ways for someone with ambition. But he isn’t a threat either, and he wants people to know that.

Camet’s reputation is built on being useful. Give him a bunch of thugs and he can train them to be a solid, fighting unit. Show him a place to attack and he can figure out a sensible way to take the building. He is intelligent and experienced – qualities not in over abundant supply in the crime world. He won’t be leading the attack, that’s for damn sure, but his men will go in with a thought-out plan and disciplined organisation.

They say if you want someone dead, hire Drem. If you want someone ruined, hire Bane. If you want to win a gang war, hire Camet. He has welded his military experience with his knowledge of criminal warfare to perfect training methods and strategies that enable lesser gangs to win wars. Not just win, but Camet tries to ensure the victor – his employer – comes out of the conflict in a better condition than when it began. No use fighting a war just to break yourself. No use helping someone win only to see them be overthrown before Camet gets paid and gets out of town.

Camet is damn good at what he does and he knows it. He also knows one day he will have to walk away from this life. For that, he wants a good retirement set up. Working in Callascino with the elite should guarantee it. If not, he’ll have to see what extra he can make, although he dare not cross any of his colleagues in the process.


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