Klie’van, the tracker none can escape

Klie’van is the best tracker in the world. There is no dispute on this. Elatia and Tulk are superb hunters, Bane and Valtar too, but everyone knows that Klie’van is at his own level. Some believe his ability to be mystical, and much of that comes from the way his people are perceived. He does nothing to dissuade that view, of course. Let the weak minded prejudices of other races serve his own end. In reality, his ability is nothing more than years of tracking experience founded upon talent. He has keen eyes, an attention to detail most people would be amazed by, and a strong sense of direction. There were mystics among his people and he can imitate them a little, yet he has no magic power to call on. He doesn’t need it.

As a Kan’julapian, Klie’van knows what it is to be deemed a nothing. His people are seen as the filth of the world, found in many places they shouldn’t be, engineering their way into means of business, information and smuggling, and wrestling management. He has travelled far, always finding a home among his own somewhere and getting by as best he can. Despite what others think, the people of Kan’julapia are not one, but in fact several nationalities long ago forced into union by various conquests, and more invasions later either drove or took many of their number abroad. His people are diverse within their own group, and yet the prejudice of all other races means they keep together, help each other and work as one as best they can. They keep their secrets from the rest too, but when you’re the best tracker around, not even the Kan’julapians can keep that for themselves.

So Klie’van knows what it is to be a nothing, and he also knows what it is to be someone of fame and worth. Only one other Kan’julapian can make that claim – the Mad Axeman of Ashtaroth – so he stands in elite company. Klie’van’s ability is great enough that outsiders want to hire him whenever they need something found, because they know he will always find it. Of course, his race means that even his ability cannot keep him in such high esteem for long. Klie’van’s life is one of hire and fire; he is sought out, hired at cost (although it is clear he would be paid far more if he were another race) and praised at success, and then he is sent away with his pay, off to whenever the nearest Kan’julapian community is.

Over the years, Klie’van has learned how to play both sides. He is a proud Kan’julapian when among his own, and then a hired hunter when the pay is right. He takes work over nationality when the offer is made, and he brings to his own any information, gossip or secrets he can. He lives by his skills, wits and pay, and yet he wants to be more.

Klie’van is a skilled martial artist and killer as well a hunter. He is a dangerous man, cunning and knowledgable about places and people. He should be a name to be feared and revered. He isn’t. He would blame it on being Kan’julapian completely but the Mad Axeman is feared and revered – the top killer along with Bane and Drem, many argue. No, Klie’van is a hunter, the one who finds the prey, not the one who kills it. He is a skilled fighter who has killed, yes, but he is not anywhere near the likes of Rugal or Elatia, or even lesser knowns such as Zashe and Fujorky.

As a hunter, Klie’van is without equal. He should be revered for that alone. He knows he is devalued due to his nationality. He knows he is seen as a means to an end, not the complete package. He wants to be reckoned with. He wants to be rated among the best, and given the rewards due that rank.

Klie’van is in Callascino and yet not among the elite. He feels he should be. He resents his exclusion, he is jealous over their fame and pay, and he is ready to join them in an instant.


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