Lallomar and Dallomar, the hateful brothers

When you come from a people who have never been conquered then you have a right to believe in your own national strength. The Saecens, inhabitants of a vast and hot desert, are a strong people who once ruled a mighty empire across the continent of Una, and have good reason to see themselves as a superior people. Perhaps they are. Either way, Lallomar and his younger brother, Dallomar, are not about to let anyone forget it.

In essence, they are strong men who despise weakness, and for them that weakness lies in not being black. Black is the strongest race, and not just any black – they are the very dark skinned who fear neither the heat of the sun nor the ferocity of battle. People from Paxos, another nation of black people, are weak, diluted filth in comparison. Nothing compares to the purity of the Saecen black. Nothing matters to the Lomar brothers than the strength of their own kind.

Both men are fighters, raised to be so by their strong and nationalistic father, along with other brothers. Lallomar is the one who made his name alone, a fierce brawler and killer, a man who embraces putting other races down for any reason. Of course, Lallomar would kill his own kind if needed, but he enjoys defeating those of the other races, and even more so to kill them. He despises them all and every victory is not only one less inferior bastard or bitch in the world, but another moment of proof that his kind is the greatest.

Lallomar left his homeland years ago, making his name as a bodyguard and thug, and then more so as an enforcer, and so he remains. He is especially talented with the mace and chain weapon, which he wields with adept savagery, exploding heads with precise power. He is an experienced gangster, well known for being as tough as they come, a veteran of street fights and alley melees. If you can afford hiring Lallomar for a gang war then you would certainly do so. His racist retorts are worth the cost of having him punish your enemies.

Dallomar is the more skillful fighter, slightly taller, somewhat more athletic. Lallomar prefers to smash straight in and use his stocky, strong frame to put opponents on the back foot. Lallomar is direct in action and also speech, and Dallomar is ever ready to back his hateful remarks. As a younger brother, Dallomar idolises the sibling who left home and forged a reputation among the world’s fighters, and sees it as solid evidence of the Saecen superiority. He seeks to replicate Lallomar’s success, having quickly proven his worth as a fighter on his own, but he much prefers working with his big brother, watching each other’s back among the vermin and leeches of the world.

Together again in Callascino, a melting pot of races and cultures, the Lomar Brothers are more than ready to prove themselves, and eager to hurt a lot of people.


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