Palos, the swordsman of faith and death

Death is a sacred blessing and Palos is the one who administers it. He is called psychopath, murderer, criminal and worse, yet he knows he is the most holy of all. He is on a crusade, bestowing a better life on those who need it, showing them their delusion as they cling to a false existence.

It cannot be claimed that Palos is a lone thinker in this way. Many of varying religions have discussed an eternal haven for those who follow the right path, some daring to proclaim that this is the life to be lived, to urge others to find it and go to it. There have been death cults and suicide pacts. But Palos is a unique figure. He walks alone and kills as he can, belonging to no radical group. He sees himself as a chosen one, and he may be right.

For all his fanatical belief, there is something more remarkable about Palos. His swordsmanship. Many would say he is the best swordsmanship in the world. He makes no such claim, finding bragging abhorrent, yet there is no doubt that if he isn’t the best, he is among the finest there can be. His skill is extraordinary, as is his poise and composure. He has been witnessed multiple times amidst gangs of thugs, cutting them down one by one with his two blades, never faltering, never missing, a whirlwind of deadly perfection.

This comes as less of a surprise considering his home. Palos comes from a nation that has little to do with the rest of the world, yet is famous for two things – a strong religion that believes in peace, and a powerful military that ensures that peace. Palos follows the faith of his land yet on another course, seeing the others as misguided. But he is clearly the product of the martial society he comes from, possibly trained with swords since a child. The truth of Palos’s upbringing will never be known, nor why he left his homeland. He will not speak of anything about himself other than proclaim his holy mission. His people will not acknowledge him, not that they are forthcoming on any information about themselves either.

So Palos is remarkable. The only one of his people who travels the world, and he brings death to many in the form of his superbly crafted swords. There are no tales of anyone ever defeating him, even wounding him. He is a terrifying figure of relentless intent, unshakeable in his conviction, unmatched at duelling, unknown to any personal degree. He is hated, despised and feared. He has no friends or even acquaintances. He believes he has no enemies either, for he kills without animosity. He kills to deliver people from the burden of life. He is their saviour, and it vexes him how so few see this the same way.

Of course, many question how such a devout man of faith has become so immersed in the criminal world, although few dare say anything to Palos’ face. He is openly disgusted by the licentiousness of those around him. Murderers and gangsters make people fear death, which is at odds with Palos and his goal. He would love nothing more than to slaughter them all. So why does he work among them? Why is he one of them? Palos counters that he isn’t one. He insists he is a holy warrior. For him, that is excuse enough, but he is also a mere man who needs pay, which he won’t admit.

Still, some accuse Palos of being a bloodthirsty killer who needs to twist the ideology he was raised in to excuse his actions. That he is a hired thug with exceptional skills. No more. He works among criminals because he is one. This never concerns Palos. He knows what he is. He is a divine warrior rescuing people from a blighted existence. He will never stop doing so and there are few in the world who would even try.


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