Marko, the performer who became a punisher

Marko knows violence intimately. He is a physical powerhouse who spent years breaking men apart to the cheers of crowds. He has travelled to many places, performed before many people, and they all wanted to see him destroy his opponent. So he did. Wrestling has rules, but breaking them made the fans love him more, so extreme violence became his speciality. For Marko, shattering bones, making others scream in pain, twisting limbs until they come out of joints – these are simple things he has done many times for glory, and now for pay. When violence is your way, you keep to it.

Marko had been the highest rated wrestler in the world at one time, yet all athletes fall from their pedestals eventually, and when he had, he plummeted without money or influence. So he took the first work he could get as soon as he could, and that involved beating the hell out of others for pay. Marko is a simple man in truth, coming from an island where he wanted for nothing until he was lured away to become a wrestler, and he followed that career without question, quickly becoming enraptured by adulation and fame, never taking time to look at records or contracts. He went the same way as an enforcer. His reputation and imposing size meant many wanted to hire him to collect debts or smash up a gambling den, and he had no qualms carrying these orders out. Marko never hesitates at brutality. He is very good at it, he knows how to hurt people, and in truth at some level he enjoys it.

There is a difference between beating people up and killing them, but Marko crossed that line long ago and adapted to this as he had all previous acts of violence. The more he got into the crime world, the more fights and risks he faced, and so killing thugs was the next practical step. For Marko, if you want to put up a fight, you deserve whatever happens. Best choice is to let him break your arm and promise to do as you’re told from then on. Unless his contract specifies death. Then he kills without hesitation. Unless a slow, painful death is called for. Then he batters and wrenches without flinching.

A life of violence takes its own toll and Marko wears his scars of battle on his face. He has suffered in wrestling and crime and never seeks pity, so he offers none. He is an experienced enforcer who can lead a squad of thugs into a fight and demand they give their all or answer to him, or he can act alone, a one-man destroyer, skilled in combat, athletic and ruthless. He enjoys a good fight, never backs down from one, has made his name crushing enemies as a performance but also for real. He is less famous as a killer than as a wrestler, but his name is renowned for his history of brutality and he is respected and feared among criminals.

The roar of the crowd is still something he hungers for, however. He fights, he kills, he gets paid, going through all the motions of a top enforcer, adjusted to the life of a career fighter. But the height of his wrestling fame haunts him. He is too practical to chase dreams, more than set in his criminal ways now, used to his life of maiming and killing for reward. Still, if ever the chance came to reclaim some of his former glory, there’s no question Marko would be sorely tempted. Until then, he is a man to be feared. Not a psychopath like certain others he is now with, yet as formidable a close combat fighter as there can be, with a path of broken bodies and ruined forms strewn out behind him.


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