Valtar, the noble turned criminal

Valtar loves life, and with good reason. To him, everything is there for the taking and the tasting. Born into a rich, powerful family from the prosperous nation of Paxos, Valtar grew up being given everything he wanted. His parents were decadent people who would rather have their son educated by professionals than bother with him themselves, and so it should be no surprise that he knows nothing of real relationships with other people. Valtar sees people as toys or pets. He wanted for nothing for so long, having no use for anyone, that he cannot change. Valtar has lost his riches and power, but he still prowls through the world, seeking pleasure and entertainment, and death.

Valtar has a natural liking for hunting, previously partaking in it often as a nobleman, but it now pays off as he hunts people down for money. He was exiled from Paxos years ago by his political enemies. At first, all he could think of was revenge. Valtar is a clever man, if arrogant, and he had resources available after his exile, so he was able to hunt down those who wronged him. After that, Valtar had to live a new life, so he simply continued doing what he had begun – hunting and killing people as work. He enjoys it, a lot, but Valtar needs the pay to get by in life. He is now a highly rated and so costly killer, yet his lifestyle means he rarely keeps hold of the money he earns. Valtar hunts, kills, earns and enjoys, and then has to do it all again. Of course, for him, that isn’t a problem. Hunting and killing people isn’t really work for him. He would rather spend most of his time in bed with paid professionals, yet hunting is a mixture of thrill and effort that he can easily live with.

As much as he is a vain and perverse individual, there is no question as to Valtar’s ability with the crossbow. His own device is a superior make to most weapons used in the criminal world, with a smoother action and surer sighting, but Valtar is still a deadly shot, usually composed, almost casual, amongst violence as he lines up his target. He is also known as an excellent tracker. If you discover that Valtar has been hired to hunt you down, the chances are he will find you in time. Run and he will chase you. Hide and he will find you. Resist and he will shoot you down, unless you can surprise him or get in close. Valtar is no fighter, nor is he reckless. He hunts from distance as much as he can because it suits him and lessens the risks. He will run if he is threatened, but then he will come back after you. His pride wouldn’t allow things to end that way, even if his contract might.

There is another important factor to Valtar’s life concerning something he has now and once took for granted. Power. He had it, with servants and serfs obeying any request he made, and then he lost it. Wealth gives a power and he was able to live on that for a while, yet over the time he has made his name as an expert huntsman, Valtar has learned the taste of power again. He is feared. His name makes known killers turn tail and flee rather than try to face him down. Common people bow and mumble their compliance. Rich merchants flatter and pander to him in order to gain his service. Valtar has a new kind of power, one that an inherited title could never grant him. His deeds and skills elicit dread and admiration. As such, he has power over others.

Valtar left Paxos long ago, but he has never lost the taste for a life of luxury and hedonism. He hunts and kills, he spends and partakes, and he relishes the fawning of others weaker than himself, and so he wants more. He wants all the pleasures and decadence that life could possibly grant him. He once thought he would live out his life satisfying himself continuously. Then he lost his status and lifestyle, so that now, he finds it all the more intensely exciting to be who he is. In Callascino, with the other elite, Valtar strides among supposed equals to hunt at his pleasure and to gain a fortune that will ensure his dreams come true.


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