Saquar, the charming combatant

Saquar has an easy going charm that comes only from being a natural. The things he does in life are the things that come easy to him. He does them not just because he can but because he excels at them. Therefore he has complete confidence in himself and loves to let it show.

He was something of a star in his youth, the best hunter and fighter in his large village. Among the Saecens, physical prowess is to be revered and can cover a multitude of sins, so his love for other males was an open secret. In truth, such lusts were more common among the warriors than any would admit, but Saquar truly loved and saw no reason to hide it. He charmed many a curious young man into his bed, and also intimidated some less eager ones as well. For Saquar, life was here for him to sample, and still is. Fighting and fucking came easily, so he did both. A lot.

Yet he also has a drive in him. A hunger, almost. Saquar excelled so much in his youth that he felt no challenge, no sense of achievement. He became bored.

Then he saw a warlock. Among the Saecens, this archaic term now represents a specialist sect of fighters who live for one thing and one thing only – to kill all other warlocks. It seems mad to anyone else, and in truth it has a madness about it, for the warlocks have been around for centuries and never have they come close to ending, but to Saquar it had an irresistible appeal. Warlocks are superb fighters and seek out conflict to better themselves. They live for bloodshed and challenges, and the more Saquar had learned about this group, the more he desired to be among them.

To be a warlock, you have to kill one. Saquar trained even harder and mentally prepared himself. Either he would win and become what he wanted or he would die. Death did not hold the fear it should have. He would rather end than not find a reason to live.

Saquar encountered a warlock, challenged him and won. It was the hardest fight he had ever known and satisfied him on a level nothing else had before. This was the beginning for him. He now had a purpose. To fight and better himself anywhere he can, for the simple goal of killing other warlocks.

And yet life remains easy for him. Saquar’s mission has made him a highly rated enforcer. He has travelled to many places and killed many people, and that came easy too. The deaths of others have little meaning to him. Saquar feels more emotion over killing a warlock than anything else. He has killed over a dozen so far. Fortunately, there are hundreds more yet to kill.

Saquar has a casual swagger about him that comes from a lifetime of being among the best, if not the best. He has little to fear in life and fully expects to one day die to another warlock – hopefully when he is older and greyer and tired of bedding young men. Anything else would be disappointing. But he also enjoys life that bit more because he knows his place in it. His life is set. Train, fight, kill and one day be killed, and enjoy sex along the way. That is all there is. He isn’t trying to settle anywhere or provide for anyone. He isn’t looking to master new things or start a new path. He walks the path he has always walked and knows where he is headed. He wants little in life and is getting it, so he struts along with a smile on his face, looking forward to his next warlock kill.


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