Rugal, the pale knifeman

Fear is Rugal’s drug of choice. When he was a young albino kid in the streets of the city Deseel, he found he would rather be an outcast who was feared than ever be accepted by others. He not only embraced the unease his appearance caused but enhanced it as much as possible: wearing all white, selecting the softest footwear, even speaking in a hushed voice constantly. He created and then spread rumours of himself, embracing every uneasy glance, every anxious shudder. Fear gave him power. But more than that, he simply loved it. He still does.

Criminals are feared, skilled killers the most. What is more feared than death? Rugal is a natural killer, drawn to it by impulse. Fortunately for him, his home was riddled with crime, as are all the city states of Central Una. He never lacks for work. His nights of watching street fights and collecting used knives are long behind him. He is an expert assassin, dubbed the Ghost of Death for his all white appearance – a final taunt of terror to his victims. He will always try to cause as much fear in his prey as possible. He just has to taste it.

Rugal is highly skilled, especially when it comes to hunting and duelling. He knows how to hunt people down as well as avoid detection. His ability with knives is known far and wide, whether hurling them accurately with smooth waves of his hands or deftly wielding them in close combat. He deceives too. He is an albino but his eyes are no weaker than any ordinary person, which often surprises. So he wears dark glasses to make others think that isn’t the case, as well as add to his unusual look. He can lure an adept fighter into underestimating him or terrify an opponent into hesitating just a second, which is all he needs. Of course, few underestimate him now, such is his fame, but that just means more fear him. When people glimpse a white figure in the night, they would rather it was a real ghost than Rugal.

He is estimated as one of the best assassins in the world. But for him, he would rather taste the fear of another – man, woman or child – than get the job done. He isn’t killing for the fame or the money anymore, those are just benefits. Rugal lives for fear. He wears white to become a ghost in the nightmares of others, despite the practical risks at night. He still wears the dark glasses for the look, even in a dark room. He never goes for the quick kill unless absolutely necessary. Even then, the temptation is strong. Rugal knows he will never be a popular person. He will never be ordinary. He is a killer by trade but a predator by nature. He accepts this. He enjoys it. Predators are feared. He can never have enough fear. That is the main reason he is among the elite now and about to take part in a highly dangerous gang war. This will not only provide him with fear galore, but he will use this conflict to define himself as the most terrifying thing in the world. He will slip through alleys and kill notorious criminals, and then the infamy of the Ghost of Death will last for ever.


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