Gregan, the mad monster

Gregan is easy to describe. Brute. Monster. Maniac. He is a simple beast in the eyes of most who know him. Driven by anger and hate, he maims and kills with a savage gratification that even experienced killers find appalling. He is without remorse, nor does he relent when the killing begins. A hulking bastard of a man, he can face down gangs by himself because not only do they know that to fight him will lead to their deaths, but that once he attacks, there will be no escape. Gregan kills all who anger him. He demolishes any who oppose him. He is the most dreaded enforcer the world has known.

Tales of his exploits are widespread. His large, double-headed axe is almost as famous as himself – the weapon that has carved so many people open. But he has killed with his hands often enough, as well as stomped on heads or necks, so his powerful frame is rightly seen as another weapon. Gregan’s fury has led him to being an adaptable fighter, grabbing anything around him to use as he waylays everyone in his path. If Gregan can pick it up, and as strong as he is that is most things, then he can use it. Supposedly, he has smashed men down with a horse and once even clubbed a man to death with his own child.

Gregan is thoroughly unpleasant to be around. He says little, kills for the slightest reason and takes as he wishes. Therefore few work with him and get to know him or want to work with him again. He has turned on his employers more than once. Gregan is sought after because he can win a gang war single-handed, and yet those on his side long for the moment the conflict is over so they can be rid of him. He is a devastating individual and not just to those he is aimed at. To him, all others are enemies, there to be crushed. For these reasons, he is one of the most demonised criminals, up there with Drem and Rugal, an unknowable entity marked by death and mayhem. While those killers are mysterious and subtle, Gregan is daunting in his size, power and murderous manner, so people see a monster and nothing more. When art was created to go with the tales of him, as happened to the most famous killers, he was always depicted as a giant, capable of devouring humans. Such pictures stopped when he encountered an artist with work of him and he ripped his arms off.

Few in the world can take Gregan on. He seems to fear nothing, or at least his hate overpowers any other emotion so he charges into fights. At the same time, a Gregan charge has scattered gangs and militia alike, so perhaps it is a smart move for him. Some suspect Gregan isn’t a simple beast of a man, after all. In his thirties, he certainly has learned enough lessons in the criminal world not to be underestimated. But he remains quick to anger, a destroyer on impulse, choosing to attack head on and kill everything he can, then deal with whatever consequences that come about. If Gregan is a thinker at any level he is a primal one, fashioned by years of bloodshed, a threat to everyone in the world.

Of all the elite, Gregan is the most unstable and the most distrusted. He is also among the most feared and perhaps the most important to win the war. No one can tell how it will go with him. If the war keeps him occupied then that would be enough. If not, there had better be something else to keep his hatred focused or his comrades will have to face the monster themselves.


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