Bane, the infamous captain of crime

Bane has been forged by the violence of Callascino. Whether it was the violence dished out by his father or that of the gang violence that was all too common, it didn’t matter. Others beat him down. Bane got back up. In time, they hit but he stood strong. Then he was the one to knock them down. When that happened, he put his boot on a throat and didn’t let up until they stopped kicking.

Never let anyone cross you. Never back down. Fight your corner, do anything to win, and make sure the one you beat stays beat. Kill when you have to and don’t lose any sleep over it, because you’ll have to do it again. Don’t trust anyone, just make sure they fear you enough to do as they’re told. Pain isn’t to be feared but it is meant to be avoided. Everyone is a bastard so be worse than anyone you know.

Bane has many creeds that he has picked up along the way. These are just some of them. Others he lives out without thinking, such as enjoying whatever life gives him because for so long it gave him little. He has known poverty and hunger, but he knows what luxury tastes like too, after many years as a highly rated killer. He has spent time in mansions and castles, on hire by aristocrats. More often, he stays in inns, taverns and whorehouses, most often in cities. He is a city person. The more people, the more opportunity.

Bane isn’t just a killer. He is someone who adapts and perhaps is the best at it. When in a gang, he knows the world of the gangs and is among his own kind there. Yet he has been many other things, such as smuggler and thief. Bane is someone who wants things done right, and rarely trusts others, so most often he chooses to enter a new role in order to be certain of success. Sometimes he just sees a chance. Bane hates poverty now, so any chance to make money, he takes, and if that means hurting people to prevail, all the better. He isn’t simply violent out of practice. He enjoys it. He never tries to excuse his nature on the way he was raised. If anything, Bane wishes everyone to acknowledge that he is a self made man, who overcame and accomplished by his own rights.

The name Bane is one he has earned and few know what his real one is. It doesn’t matter. He is someone to be feared, and yet his ability to plan, organise, outwit and profit from crimes means many want him to work for them. He has fought his way up through the crimeworld, having learned many lessons, and even invented a few of his own. He is also a tough fighter and a clever killer, so commands others with ease, sure in his ability to deal with any troublemakers. For all of these reasons, Bane is the most sought after to lead criminals. He isn’t just a hired blade, he is a captain of crime. His understanding of criminal culture is unmatched. To many, hiring Bane means you sit back and wait for when the heist/assassination/gangwar is done. He rarely fails. Even if he does, few would dare make an issue of it.

There is no one better to lead a group of lethal experts in a gangwar. Bane knows this and relishes his role. He is here, back in Callascino, to cause mayhem, to turn this city upside down, but also to get a certain job done. He will. No one will make him back off. He knows the risks, understands what will happen if things go wrong. But this is a chance in a lifetime. If someone else were to try it, he’d laugh and watch their downfall with a grin. But he has the abilities and the experience. Bane is the one to succeed where few others would dare. He will lead, he will kill and he will win out. That’s what he does.


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