Breaking news: Lambeth demolition decision quashed

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Save Cressingham Gardens

Residents are celebrating a victory against their local authority landlord after a judge quashed its unlawful decision to demolish up to 300 homes at the High Court.

Lambeth Council was said to have “nobbled” its own Cabinet committee by calling off a consultation on refurbishment of Cressingham Gardens Estate in Tulse Hill, without carrying out the proper financial analysis.

In court, the council admitted deliberately downplaying the voice of opposition to the redevelopment of the “congenial, low crime” 1970’s estate, in a town hall report summarising residents’ views. The local authority left out resident feedback including on proposed alternative funding strategies, which it claimed were “not pertinent”.

The two-day hearing earlier this month also featured a mysterious memo, which the council claimed was the “show-stopping” document which proved the repairs were unaffordable – but was nothing of the sort.

David Wolfe, QC, for claimant Eva Bokrosova, a tenant on the estate, said: “Where’s the detailed…

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