I Am Still Legend

About a year ago I posted my feelings and thoughts on the audio version of Richard Matheson’s I am Legend.

For one reason or another, one today did I complete listening to it properly. I began yesterday, had some issues so had to stop, resumed today and concluded. As I said in my previous post, I had been listening to it on the BBC radio, but had missed the odd episode and then missed the end.

Having sat down and listened to it to completion, I have to say what an engaging and admirably written tale it is. Robert Neville is a very understandable character, yet vibrant in his lonely rants. He isn’t a genius scientist trying to cue a disease or a highly trained soldier seeking revenge. He is a just a man, getting by on his routine, hurt by loss, turning to drink, despising those who seek his life. Even when he does begin to analyse and figure out the vampiric disease that has blighted the human race, he does so in a procedural and practical way. Even I could follow his logic!

The ending was great. I liked Neville yet also found him flawed. Consciously so.

As I pointed out before, the movie – the Last Man on Earth – fits the story best.

However, here is the audio version I listened to. If you haven’t read the book, I’d highly recommend listening to this: