Rushing Guardians of the Galaxy

I watched this movie in the cinema during the summer. I enjoyed it a lot, yet I found the opening half hour or so tough to get into. I spent most of it fiddling with my 3D glasses. This was the first time I had ever worn them and I did not like them at all. I think one lens was dirty. Either way, I could never decide if I didn’t like the first part of the film because of the film itself or the glasses. Was I fussing over them because I had nothing better to pay attention to or was my fussing distracting me from the movie?

So I’m watching the DVD right now. No glasses. No distractions.

Is it better? Yes. But damn the opening of this movie feels threadbare. Far too much telling and little showing. Ronan is very bad because people say so. Gamorah is badass because people say so. Drax is the Destroyer due to things that happened before the beginning. The Kree conflict is something spoken of a lot. The list goes on. Oh and don’t start me on sources. Plot points are told to other characters due to sources telling them, even though who these sources are and how they can possibly know these things is beyond me.

I’m not a fan of the immediate opening either. Really bleak seeing a kid say goodbye, or rather fail to, to his dying mother. Would have much preferred it to start as Starlord lands on a mysterious world and explores it. Then the music kicks in. Although that bit irked me too. As someone who used to listen to a Walkman while walking around, they really hamper the senses. Not something I would do on an unknown planet. Felt a really try-hard moment at establishing yet another laid-back, casual, relatable (I despise that word these days) Marvel hero. As for the dying mother bit, which is important, that could have come later as a flashback. Damn that was bleak.

Once we get to the prison break, things kick into gear. Big time. Groot walking up to the alarm while Drax stands and watches, looks around as if to ask ‘is anyone else seeing this?’, and then keeps watching as Groot sets the alarm off, is hilarious but accurately depicts the characters. Once we get the gang together and sparking off each other, this movie is a lot of fun. Dumb, yeah, but highly entertaining.

I would recommend this film to fans of scifi or Marvel or basic hero-group type stories. Get through the rough, rushed opener and you’ll be fine.


Horror Express

I always remember watching this late one night. Being a bad sleeper since I was a kid, I was often up late watching movies, and I caught a lot of horror, as well as odd films and cult movies, and also foreign flicks. I was an avid fan of Moviedrome and also Dr Terror, who presented horror movies on the BBC for a bit. Among the films I randomly came across: the Vanishing, La Haine, Django, and other films I more remember bits from, such as a Japanese one about a hitman fighting his way up the ranks, and a film about King Arthur on motorbikes (starring Ed Harris I later found out).

This film, Horror Express, was one of those that struck a nerve. Eerie as hell. The haunting whistle still gets me. I saw this late one night and did not sleep easily afterward. It is also great to see Lee and Cushing together.

Without saying much, wanting to leave this an unknown just as I first saw it, I would highly recommend seeing this one.

Oh, and at about 1:04:25 we have my favourite moment:

“What if one of you is the monster?”
“Monster? We’re British!”