True Advertising

So the slogan for one advert runs as ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’.

I can now declare that this is something I will say, genuinely, to anyone I meet who has issues with their glasses. Especially in getting new ones.

My fiancée had broken her glasses on her trip over to the UK from the US. We asked at the local opticians about getting them fixed. This could not be done. In particular, we needed her prescription. Getting new glasses has always been a costly hassle for her. We failed to get her prescription as they sent it to the wrong email address and then the person was on holiday. Or something. Basically, nothing got done.

We went to Specsavers. They booked an appointment for us and explained on how to get an eye test for only £5, bypassing having to deal with her usual opticians. So we went back and everything was quick and cheap and easy. I mean quick, too. The test took about 20 minutes, yet was thorough, and the glasses (two pairs) took two hours to make. My fiancée was able to get some new glasses as well as prescription sunglasses so she could walk around in the bright sunshine and see properly for the first time in her life.

I paid for it all and she was very happy.

So, I have to admit, the friendly people there, the fast work that has turned out so well (the glasses are helping her so much) and the costs have left me highly impressed.

I am a bit suspicious of new things and wary of the quick and easy option. I am against big companies, swallowing everything else up, and doubt that anything good will come of commercial behemoths that spew out production lines of goods. I value the smaller crafts and enjoy looking round in specialist stores.

But in this case I was pleasantly surprised and honestly impressed. I’m not going to sell them to anyone. They have their own advertising for that. But I have to tip my hat and say, well played, big company. I am glad we came to you.


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