Halftime in 2014

It has just hit June 15th here in the UK, and it suddenly hit me. We’re pretty much at the halfway point of this year. In about a week we’ll have the longest day of the year. Okay, so we’re only just getting into summer – and I mean really only just, the weather here has been autumnal for most of the year – but the date doesn’t lie. Half way. Halftime in 2014.

Just seems mad to me. It still feels like it is early on. Not sure why. January felt twice as long as a month normally does, likely due to personal events. After that, everything has flown by. Maybe due to the poor weather, maybe due to the fact things have just meandered along, maybe due to the fact that things I expected/hoped/planned to happen have yet to come about. Not sure. But it still seems too early to be halfway.

Admittedly, I don’t go by the calendar much. New Year doesn’t mean a thing to me. I go by seasons and events. Often the first part of a new year is spent just getting through winter and waiting for spring, so that it doesn’t feel like anything is starting yet. January and February feel like time spent getting over the Christmas preparations and celebrations, then bracing yourself for another year. By the time April hits, that’s when things start to change gear, and soon you’re in the summer, then autumn turns up and next thing you know you’re buying Christmas presents again.

Things have changed, though. Some good, some bad. A few were very bad. I miss my friend badly. I am doing more now but I dearly wish I had done it while she was here. She would have enjoyed my blog. It is pretty much full of the stuff I’d ramble on about to her.

Marriage, moving, future planning, uncertainty await me for the time to come. Not sure what is going on sometimes. I often feel like I’m just waiting for the storm to hit. Thing is, I like storms, so we’ll see if this will be good or bad.

Halfway through another year. I’m currently wearing a tshirt from 1996. I know this because it celebrates the Euro 96 tournament held in England. That seems another lifetime ago and yet, madly, it doesn’t feel like almost 20 years ago. I still remember the excitement of a nation falling in love with football. The summer of feel-good. Years just seem to slip by, one after another. Things move on, develop, fall apart sometimes, but so much just seems to glide by to one side that the passing of time isn’t noticed.

Could be a dazzling second half. We shall see. Bit stunned by this revelation. A lot happening in the months to come.

A lot has happened in the last few years too. Some mad turns. We’ll see what shows up next.

Still feels like March weather-wise most of the time. Have to admit, I don’t mind it much. Rather cold and rain than hot. Good job I live in the UK then. 😉


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