Going Back to the Sea

Just as cyborgs represented a change in humanity that many embraced, the new race called aquatics presented people with a new way of life as well as a whole new world.

Mutants were crafted in various ways, mainly with the idea to combat the invasion of monsters. Yet once the door had been opened there was a lot of experimentation. Those who could sought new forms of life – for themselves, for others or just in general.

Aquatics began as experimentation only. Features such as gills or webbed hands and feet seemed an advantage in certain combat situations. Yet it was pushed further and further until it was clearly possible to change humans into sea-dwellers. As with the cyborgs, there were many who sought change. The sea seemed a place of tranquillity in comparison to the land. Not only were most monsters unable to survive at sea – they breathe the air as humans do – but there was little at sea to interest them. However, it was more than that to many people. It was about a complete transformation. Humanity had brought about its own demise. The sea was where it had come from. It was time to return.

Aquatics became a mass movement and once they took to the sea they were able to spread their message around the world. Of course, most humans rejected their idea, but there were more than enough who chose to be remade to a new way of life. Because of the widespread nature of their origin, some were reborn with blue skin, others with green. There was no strict set design to be followed apart from certain necessary features. However, due to the unity of purpose of this new race, the skin colour was never an issue.

Most mutants hate humans. They were made to serve, even to serve and be cast aside, often with shorter life spans and an inability to reproduce. There was also cloning to increase ranks. Mutants were tools to be used, yet some mutants were created naturally by nuclear incidents, pollution of various kinds and possibly even magic. These blame humanity for disfiguring them. They were also rejected by the human race.

But the aquatics are very different from this. They were not made to serve humans nor were they brought about by wrongdoing. They had chosen their path. They had decided to leave their old race and become a new one. Neither did they have to compete with the human race which remained on land, warring with mutant armies and cyborg sects and monstrous powers. Aquatics went to the sea and remained there, flourishing around the world.

Because they believe they belong to the sea, the aquatics also see the sea as theirs. Therefore they resent any intrusion. Conflict is well known between them and others races, if not with the level of enmity the rest share. For aquatics, it is simple. Stay out of our home and we can all live peacefully. Enter it and we will even leave the sea to attack your homes.

Aquatics are a united race yet not too coherent. Schools of their people roam here and there, following the sea currents, farming food and raising young into their passionate culture. Schools have leaders, but there is nothing too binding so members can come and go as they please. So while there are various traditions that they follow, choices can be made as the situation suits. Therefore aquatics trade with various places and peoples around the world, passing on information too, yet they can be seen as overtly defensive and hostile. Like the sea, they swirl and adapt, yet remain an ever present.

The other races have a mild interest in the aquatics but no more. Many wonder how many they are. Humans are said to outnumber mutants and monsters and machines, yet these particular mutants inhabit the main domain of the world. They don’t do it alone, though. Some monsters have found homes out there, such as the abhorrent gleaners who don’t breathe, plus sharks are more intelligent due to past experiments. But aquatics rule the sea and they could pose a threat one day, if provoked. Their technology is not high but they have access to all kinds of weaponry. Many powerful individuals would prefer them as allies.

Yet aquatics remain their own people in their own world. They made a change that has never been questioned. They could return to live on the land if they wanted but few have any interest in doing so. The sea is theirs. They want nothing more. The mutual destruction of the other races is certain. They will claim the entire world when there is nothing else left.

Obviously this is not a view shared by everyone else.


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