Worthy of Being Passed Around

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Read this today and feel that the more who read it, the better. It is a very well written piece, by a man, about rape culture and why it is a problem for all men. Have to admit, I am one of those men who thinks it is a bit over the top to brand men in general in such a bad way, yet his explanation is very rational and reasonable. I find myself strongly agreeing.

I will add that I understand the fear of being out and about a bit myself. I was attacked as a kid by an older kid – no idea who or why – and it rattled me badly. Didn’t want to go out for a long time. I was never an outgoing child but I do think that has had a lasting effect on me. I do feel highly aware of being out among people, even now.

At the same time, I’m a grown man who lumbers down the street in big boots and I know more than a few women have seen me coming and given me a wary look. I don’t blame them. At all. I enjoy being out in the dark too. I do avoid people, especially groups of people, if I can and have had a number of moments where I grow tense as I pass someone, but again, this won’t be at the same level of women. It gives me an insight but does not put me on an equal level.

So please read this post and see what you think. Personally, I found it enlightening.


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