Stories, Explanations and Revelations

So the last few blog posts should be explained, I guess. No big mystery and I think they’re self evident, but it could prove helpful to readers to throw more light on them.

We have Harbinger of my Doom, Our Saviour and the Accursed. Three short stories that were published in a collection of mine last year. More than that, they are three stories that belong in the same world, as do many others I have written. Same world, same time; different places, different characters.

Originally the idea was that each short story would be preceded by the same introduction before getting into the tale itself. That intro is in the Harbinger of my Doom, but not the others, just for the sake of openings. I didn’t want three posts looking alike at a glance. The intro also has a post of its own. It is a short piece to let the reader know of the world they are entering. Something was needed to create a broad overview swiftly, otherwise readers would be utterly baffled.

The world is ours but in the future and much has changed, but seeing as the stories are focused in those individual moments, this isn’t something to be explained at length. If nothing else, it slows the narrative down too much. Yet the reader still needs to know this isn’t some alien world or one of fantasy, but ours. They also need to know it is very different. So the intro leads them in, each time, before we meet a character or group of characters who are striving to survive in this new existence.

As you can see by the stories posted, we get to meet different characters each time, and yes, they will be recurring. So far I posted each one up to about halfway. This is because I don’t want to tell the whole thing, but also due to the stories being out already in the collection. Unfortunately, due to the closing (temporary or not, no one knows) of Daverana Enterprises, I’m not sure what to do with them or how to handle them. I can bring them out myself, but this is still new and raw.

For now I will throw up chunks and also post about the characters, places and organisations that litter the world. Try and pull the curtain back a bit, but not too much. Not sure yet if the intro will be used each time or not. If I do bring them out, it may be as collections again, maybe not. Still a lot to consider.

I may post the rest of these three stories at some point. Again, uncertain.

For now, I hope the beginnings of these stories is at least of some entertainment. A tale of a monster helping a human get to Eden. Another of an improved being on a desperate mission. A third of four unlikely comrades just trying to make a name for themselves.

There is a lot more to come.


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