Childhood Inspiration

So a few weeks back (I think) I posted the intro to Sojourners in Shadow, which reveals that one man brings about the end of the world. This isn’t an original idea, far from it, if the consequences and state of the world afterward are. But I would say that the idea of someone doing this is one I’ve had in my head since a kid. The concept of a man wanting to change the world so much he brings about death and destruction was put there due to an episode of the Real Ghostbusters.

Here it is:

I saw this a long time ago and have never forgot the opening sequence. Obviously I couldn’t remember it in full detail – I certainly had forgotten that the man sounds like Elvis! – but flashes of this fluttered about in my mind for years.

When the idea of changing our world into one I can warp and mould anew was pushing me, I instantly fell to the notion of a single individual bringing the tumultuous transformation about. It just seemed so natural. Again, it isn’t a new idea, even for the Ghostbusters cartoon show, but images from that episode kept flickering across my mind as I honed my thought process. It served as the kernel of inspiration.

My own idea has pushed on, however. While I haven’t written out any details of Dylan Winter and how he did what he did, and don’t ever plan to flesh his story out much because he is merely a conduit to my world of ‘now’, I will say that I don’t imagine any of it to have played out as it does in this episode. Dylan Winter was more ambitious, calculating and a charismatic leader with his own followers, who abetted his act. I will further add that there were a number of individuals and groups who also sought to change the world. He was far from alone in his dissatisfaction with humanity.

Oh, but I have to add more on the show the Real Ghostbusters. I have been watching some episodes recently (not enough) and it is just as good as I remember. It remains one of my favourite animated shows and influenced a number of ideas I have about the supernatural. It had great music, really developed the characters of the Ghostbusters, was goofy enough for kids to be entertained yet was very well written. J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5 (another favourite show of mine) was involved and I really like how dark some of the stories get. I have a number of comics about the Real Ghostbusters too. They had some great ‘factual’ information on ghosts and ghouls and whatnot. I loved them.

So basically, this is a show that influenced me and I am glad it did.


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