Valentine’s (ergh)

Never been such a fan of the whole ‘hey, I’ll give you something nice because the calendar told me to and I’ll feel bad otherwise’ day. However, I feel obliged to promote the promotion Daverana has going on, so here I be promoting it.

In the run up to the day itself, these two books will be highlighted. Careful, one of them is erotica. Oooh la la! (Pssst! It is the Devil’s Kitten, if you’re wondering, you naughty thing, you).

Have fun checking them out. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about cards with big pink hearts or flowers you bought from a garage on the day. You could always surprise someone with a book.
After all, every brilliant, intelligent and wonderful person loves to read. At least that’s what you should tell your loved one when you reveal their present. 😉


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