New books out from Daverana Enterprises!

I like to blow other people’s trumpets (I really do) so here’s some blaring on behalf of new releases coming out this month:

First we have Justice of Wolves, the beginning of the new lycan series from Janrae Frank. It continues from where the first series ended, with Kynyr as king and Hoon on the way, but don’t depend on things to stay the same for long. Janrae Frank is very mean to her characters.

Then we have Birthright, by Christine Morgan. Set in the modern day but with links to medieval England, I enjoyed reading this one and I am proud I approved it. (smug mode)

Later to come are Flashes by Jane Timm Baxter, The Devil’s Pet Kitten by Beth Fullaway and Legacy by Carrie Baize. Looking forward to all of them.

Oh, Halloween fun times shall abound with Daverana. We’re going to be throwing some of the scary stuffs we have accrued out there to spook and entertain people. Mixing business with pleasure. 😉