Impressed Again

I’ve been privileged to have edited books by some very good authors at Daverana Enterprises. Gustavo Bondoni’s style of writing is a lot of fun to read, besides being very smart. Bruno Lombardi’s book, Snake Oil, was similar – I loved the jokes and nerd references while finding the story itself believable. Theresa Curnow has always been excellent at coming up with something creepy. As for Janrae Frank, well, I can’t speak too highly of the Boss without seeming to be a suck up, but let’s face it, she’s damn good.

So I’ve been given something new to read. Thea Larson’s book, Trust, is still being worked on but I’ve been asked to check it out to see how it is progressing. I have to say, it is well written and I found myself instantly caring about the main character, June. It is a tightly focused story with a catboy being found by a small crew, creating tension among the characters over who wants to protect him and who wants to kill him, perceiving him as a threat or offence to nature. I have had no trouble in following plot, themes or character development. Few typos as well.

I don’t enjoy being an editor nearly as much as I do writing. Yes, picking out the flaws and mistakes of others is highly entertaining, but I am a writer by nature and an editor by design. I love to just sit about and write away to my heart’s content. Writing never feels like work. Editing does.

But working on these books written by these people makes the job much more pleasant, a lot easier and always impresses me. The writers, and editors and artists, at Daverana are damn good. Kind of pisses me off a bit at how good they are, but at the same time it is great to see talent is still thriving in this world.

Thea Larson clearly belongs here.